Survive Georgetown Finals with Student IDeals™

You have been studying hard to get through finals–we have been studying hard to get you through finals. Whether you are looking for a new spot to work, need a change of scenery from those books, or simply want a quick break to turn off your brain and re-charge with a bite to eat, we have compiled a few suggestions that should get you through this last week of school before summer!

Farmers Fishers Bakers

  • Located in Washington Harbor, this spot opens at farmersfishersbakerdc
    7:30am and has very reasonably priced breakfast options, and plenty to choose from in terms of coffee and tea. A large seating area looking out into the square with free wifi makes it IDeal for working


whiskersCrumbs & Whiskers

  • Whether you want a hot drink and some free wifi, or need a therapy animal to take
    away your stress, this unique cafe has you covered. Cats are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are a fan of felines you may benefit from hanging here. Fair warning – It’s Closed on Wednesday

Dog Tag Bakerydog tag

  • Open at 7am–can do breakfast pastries, as well as lunch options, this is another cozy spot with wifi and space to work through the day

Georgetown Neighborhood Library

  • libraryThough just a few blocks from campus, this could be a nice change of pace from your standard college library. Bring your computer and books, and take advantage of a free public service



Georgetown Waterfront and Harborwaterfront

  • Take a walk down to the waterfront and take your mind off of studying. Between the Potomac current or the fountain in the harbor, you will be giving your brain the break it needs

Francis Scott Key Park

  • key parkDown near the canal there is a memorial to the poet who wrote the lyrics to the National Anthem, with trees, benches, and a path to walk along. Even just wandering through the park may relax you enough to get back to work

Georgetown Massage and Bodyworkgmassage

  • A professional massage can physically and mentally be the perfect treatment to curb finals week stress. Offers a 10% discount to first time clients by checking in here


unwindUnwind Wellness Center

  • A well liked massage, acupuncture, and skin treatment center, offering a 10% discount by checking in here

Charming Nailsnails

  • Sneak in a quick mani/pedi and forget about studying. All services are 5% off by clicking here!

zooNational Zoo

  • It is a psychological fact that ‘playing’ is a huge contributor to reducing stress–if you have a bit more time then take a trip to the national zoo and let the animals take your mind off things. Oh by the way…it is free!


Thomas Sweetthomas

  • Open until 10:30pm during the week and midnight on the weekends, Thomas Sweet
    is a great place to get a snack, something sweet, or just a cup of coffee to keep your spirits high

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